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Holiday Sale

We're offering a special holiday promotion to help you find those last-minute gifts for every taste bud! Here's how it works:

+ For the next 12 days we will be posting a new product (or set of products) that will be on sale!

+ Each item (or items) will be marked down starting the day we announce them until the end of the 12 days.

This promotion is valid for online purchases only through our website. Please note some discounts only apply to Individual Packages and exclude cases.

  • Day 1, 12/05/2018: All Natural Zesty Teriyaki Beef Jerky, Discount: $1.50 Off (excludes cases), Code: HOLIDAY1
  • Day 2, 12/06/2018: Original Mini Sausage, Discount: 20% Off, Code: HOLIDAY2
  • Day 3, 12/07/2018: Gold Medallion Jars, Discount: $5.00 Off (excludes cases), Code: HOLIDAY3
  • Day 4, 12/08/2018: All Natural Sweet Hot Chipotle Beef Jerky, Discount: $1.50 Off (excludes cases), Code: HOLIDAY4
  • Day 5, 12/09/2018: Cinnamon Bears, Discount: 10% Off, Code: HOLIDAY5
  • Day 6, 12/10/2018: 12oz. Mini Sticks, Discount: $1.00 Off (excludes cases), Code: HOLIDAY6
  • Day 7, 12/11/2018: Individually Wrapped Sticks, Discount: 20% Off, Code: HOLIDAY7
  • Day 8, 12/12/2018: All Natural Honey Glazed Beef Jerky, Discount: $1.50 Off (excludes cases), Code: HOLIDAY8
  • Day 9, 12/13/2018: Swiss Fish, Discount: 10% Off, Code: HOLIDAY9
  • Day 10, 12/14/2018: Trail Mix, Promo: Receive a FREE bag of 1.4oz jerky of your choice (subject to availability), Code: HOLIDAY10
  • Day 11, 12/15/2018: Sausage & Cheese Combos, Discount: $1.00 Off (excludes cases), Code: HOLIDAY11
  • Day 12, 12/16/2018: Whole Site, Discount: 20% off total order of $50 or more, Code: HOLIDAY12