At the Werner Family of Brands, which include Werner Gourmet Meat Snacks, Werner Beef & Brew and Werner Brewing Company, our vision is to build community wealth, financial security and sustainable career opportunities. Our craft is forging products, services and experiences through a commitment to good food, innovation and bold expansion that our family, employees and community are proud of.

Each year, we are committed to supporting our local community through contributions of product, sponsorships and other monetary donations. Our donation evaluation criteria includes:

  • Alignment with our mission and vision. We will evaluate whether the application organization is keeping 100% of the donation proceeds within local Tillamook County communities.
  • Local support for the project, event or organization. All donations, regardless of value, will go to non-profit groups, organizations, schools, clubs, etc. which are working toward the betterment and benefit of Tillamook County residents.
  • Openness and inclusivity to all community members, regardless of racial, economic or geographic disparities. Donations will not be made when the benefit of the donation is going to an exclusive group of people. An example of this is when the target beneficiaries are required to "pay-to-play." 

Upon completion of the donation request form, you will receive an automated reply to confirm we have received your request. Please allow up to 3 weeks for a response to your request.