Giant Slab Beef Jerky


These jerky slabs are a great grab-and-go snack with each individual package containing one serving of our tender Giant Slab jerky. It’s easy to store and vacuum sealed for extended freshness. Product comes in a 15 count bag or full case (9 count, 135 total piece) option.

Customer Reviews

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Joshua D
Amazing Jerky

No joke by far the best jerky brand in 30 years of my life. Flavors are great the jerky is fresh and juicy.


I love that these are individually wrapped. It sure makes them stay fresher much longer. Just take out a slab and start tearing little pieces it is very tasty, and I will certainly buy this again.

Nicholas Lang
The Hot and Spicy slabs are amazing!

These go in my hunting bag every time I go. All of the flavors are good but the hot and spicy has perfect level of spice and the jerky itself is always tender and delicious! Weekly eater here!

Amazing jerky!

For years I've always bought these at gas stations, but finally decided to check their website if they sold direct, which I was happy to see they do. Considering these are higher priced individually in those stores, what you pay for a 15 count is a good deal.

As for the product itself, it's probably my favorite beef jerky slab, as well as one of my favorite beef jerky products overall.

Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper is my favorite, but all of the flavors are delicious. Hot and Spicy definitely has some kick to it.


An absolutely fantastic snack to take anywhere and you might be disappointed when it's gone so I recommend buying a few.. my favorite is the hot and spicy also a perfect stocking stuffer.